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Family Silver


Family Silver
Stella Downer Fine Art Gallery
2 Danks Street, Waterloo
Jan 23 – Feb 16, 2013


Solo show that deals with issues of family values


In this exhibition Rae presented
a group of drawings inspired by Spanish poetry


The Seeds body of work consists of two groups: Seed Trees assembled from shapes that closely resemble real seeds; and Seed Forms that, though inspired by images of seeds as seen under a powerful microscope, don't belong to any specific plant, they are a product of imagination.

Mount Tomah Gardens

Seeds solo exhibition at Mount Tomah Botanic Garden.

Stella Downer Fine Art Gallery

Seeds were exhibited in Rae's solo show at Stella Downer Fine Art Gallery, Sydney, Australia.


Peels deals with the memory of the original form combined with the complexity of playful shapes. Made from stainless steel using traditional metal beating techniques.

Double Peels

Made from two materials - stainless steel and copper, interwoven into complex shapes. The two peels are separate forms that do not touch.

Peeled Lives

Multi-layered conceptual work executed using both ancient and contemporary techniques.

Liquid Metal

Playing with the imagined fluidity of materials.

Concrete Cider

Use of an ordinary material (concrete) and an inspiration from a familiar object (apple) to create unexpected and challenging work.

Age of Concrete

The first solo exhibition of works, all made of concrete. The result of years of material research and ideas development.

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