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Lynn Dwyer, The Drawing Room, Spectrum, SMH, June 2012

Steve Meacham, Autumn of the Arts, SMH, 10 March, 2011
Joyce Morgan, Interview, Spectrum, SMH, 23 October 2010
Kat Adamski, Statues of no limitations, North Shore Times, October 2010
Ellen Pearlman, Seeds, essay, exhibition catalogue, 2010
Zoe Harrington, Rae Bolotin, Sculpture and the enemies, issue 4, 2010
Michael Cooke, Right Angles, The Sydney Magazine, SMH, November, 2007
Tempe Macgowan, Peel back the layers, Sydney Morning Herald, 23 March, 2006
Mary Powis, Rae's peel takes prestigious prize North Shore Times September 2006
Ruth Hessey, Pleasure Hunting. Australian Art Review, July-October 2004
Dominique Angeloro, This is a bust, Sydney Morning Herald, Metro, January, 2004
Deborah Hunt, Garden of Eden, Australian House and Garden, February, 2004
Mary Powis,  An Apple for the artist, North Shore Times, 27 February, 2004
Kate Geraghty, An apple a day could ruin your back, SMH, 6-7 March, 2004
Jacqueline Maley,  Sculpture in the Vines, SMH, 48 Hours, 20-21 March, 2004
Terry Tredrea, Core Skills Landscape  Australia, September, 2003
Jennie Churchill, Gallery Garden Gardenning  Australia, July, 2003
Alison Cameron, Awesome orchardism Sunday Best, SMH, 5 October 2003
Genevieve Swart, Concrete Cider Exhibition 48 Hours, SMH, 4 October 2003
Scott Howlett Sculptor inspired by apple orchards North Shore Times 12 Sept 2003
Ashley Hay, Visual Arts The Bulletin, May 7, 2002
Victoria Hynes, Critics Picks Sydney Morning Herald, May 3-9, 2002
Chris Chapman Some Notes on Rae Bolotins work Exhibition Catalogue April 2002
Profiles, Refugee Art Almanac, April 2002
Bob Jackson, Abstract Concrete  Engineers Australia, March 2002
Bob Jackson, Concrete storms the art world Concrete in Australia, March 2002
Bob Jackson, Concrete and Art Concrete in Australia, June-August 2001

Press and Reviews

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Ellen Perlman Article

Joyce Morgan

Sydney Morning Herald

Zoe Harrington Article

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